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Moving house is hard. It’s exhausting, it’s time consuming and it can often be very emotional. It's one of life’s most stressful experiences. That’s where The Moving Planners come in. Organisation and planning come naturally to us. We have the experience and understanding to manage your move with care, empathy and a supportive hand.

We'll tailor a plan to assist with everything involved in your move: from sorting your precious belongings, sourcing the best quotes for removalists and preparing your home for sale. We can even help you hang the pictures in your new living room!

While we're taking care of your move, you can focus on the important things in life – your family, your friends, your pets and yourself. And most importantly, you can trust us to be kind, patient, considerate and discreet, all the things we would want if we were in your shoes.

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Downsizing or Relocating?

The thought of packing up your family home and moving to a smaller residence can be daunting, especially if you're a senior, on your own or your family is not able to assist.

The Moving Planners can partner with you to downsize or relocate by:


  • working with you to sort through your possessions

  • coordinating the sale, donation, recycling or disposal of items

  • developing a furniture placement plan for your new home

  • sourcing and evaluating quotes for packing, moving and storage

  • overseeing contractors on moving day to ensure everything runs smoothly

  • caring for you, as well as you personal, precious or fragile items

  • managing utility providers and necessary arrangements to connect and disconnect services

  • managing change of address notifications and attending to paperwork

  • unpacking and preparing your new home for your arrival


Moving into Aged Care?

The move into aged care or assisted living can be an emotional and challenging time. The Moving Planners can ensure that your focus remains on the welfare and well-being of you or your loved one.

The Moving Planners can manage all 

aspects of your move to Aged Care by:

  • helping you navigate government systems and assisting with the completion of forms and paperwork

  • advising on care options, including funding and payment models

  • putting you in touch with specialists who can search for an appropriate care facility

  • sorting through your possessions and assisting with the distribution of items

  • sourcing and evaluating quotes for packing and moving

  • liaising with staff at your destination to ensure the move goes smoothly and necessary information is provided

  • ensuring that you are settled into your new home

Research shows that homes that are well maintained, free of clutter and styled with neutral colours achieve stronger buyer interest and sell more easily. 

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To facilitate the smooth sale of your home and maximise your sales price, let The Moving Planners assist with:

  • decluttering and sorting items

  • removing and distributing items still in your home

  • managing necessary cleaning, property repairs and maintenance

  • organising decor updates to enhance your home

  • tidying up your garden and adding some colour

  • organising and managing property styling

  • shortlisting and liaising with real estate agents, building inspectors and professionals

  • assisting with open homes and settlement activities

Selling Your Home?


Managing a Deceased Estate?

The loss of a loved one is an incredibly stressful and upsetting time for families. Sorting through many years of treasured possessions can be overwhelming at this sad time.

We will manage the process of estate clearance with compassion, respect and understanding, ensuring that your loved one's legacy is honoured. We help by:

  • sorting through items with family and determining the appropriate destination – to family, friends, charities or specialist dealers

  • finding forgotten or hidden items

  • clearing the property for settlement

  • preparing an itemised inventory listing

  • organising repairs, cleaning and preparation of the home for sale

  • ensuring proper disposal of documents

  • carrying out all those tasks associated with selling the home


The difference between Movers and The Moving Planners - we can organise your whole move

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