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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

And we’ve called it...

The Moving Planners

‘But isn’t move planning what removalists do?

Actually, no. Move planners do so much more than removalists. We work with clients, especially seniors, to organise every detail related to their home move: from helping them sort through a lifetime of possessions, sourcing quotes from removalists, preparing their home for sale by organising repairs, maintenance, garden tidy ups and staging, shortlisting real estate agents, preparing furniture placement plans and settling people into their new home. We’ll even organise change of address notifications, liaise with utility providers and ensure the client’s iPad or laptop is connected and working in their new home.

Why Move Planning?

Through first-hand experience moving family members, as well as many anecdotes from friends who have relocated elderly relatives, it’s obvious that the process of moving home presents so many challenges. It’s also clear that the physical and emotional wellbeing of the person moving can be improved if an independent person takes responsibility for the many tasks associated with moving home.

So why isn’t the move planning industry well-known and well-used in Australia? Overseas, particularly in the US, Canada and the UK, move planning is a significant industry. In fact, there’s even an American peak industry body, the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM). We are proud to be members of NASMM having completed all the necessary specialist training, covering a wide range of topics including ethics, safety, working with dementia sufferers and more.

What’s Driving Our Business…

We’re excited about this venture for so many reasons - but most importantly because:

  • We’ll spread a little kindness by helping people who may be forced to move due to poor health or bereavement. They may not have family or friends able to help them to move, so we can step in to make things a little easier for them.

  • We’ll undoubtedly work with some interesting people with fascinating stories to tell!

  • We’ll do our best to ensure items our clients no longer need are properly recycled or go to people who will value them. The less that goes into landfill the better!

  • We’ll use our skills and, with luck, grow our business so that one day we might be able to create jobs for people. Now wouldn’t that be good!?

So, if you, or anyone you know, needs some help with their move, we’re confident we can make the exhausting and time-consuming job of moving house smoother and less stressful for you! Call us on (07) 3719 5560 to arrange a complimentary in-home visit.

The Moving Planners - 15/10/2020

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