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Welcome to The Moving Planners

The Moving Planners provide a comprehensive and tailored moving planner service to anyone who needs a helping hand with their home move.  

You may be a senior who is downsizing or moving to an assisted living facilityYou may live on your own and need a hand with the enormous task of moving. Maybe your parents need to move, but you don't live nearby and need someone to provide support. You may have to manage a deceased estate and don't know where to begin. Or maybe you're selling your home and don't have the time or energy to manage your move.

Servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas, we specialise in:

Why Use The Moving Planners?


Downsizing or Relocating?


Moving into

Aged Care?


Selling Your



Managing a Deceased


Why Use The Moving Planners?

  • Relieve the physical demands and emotional stress of moving

  • Focus on the important things in life - your family, your friends & your pets 

  • Take control of your move, without doing all the work

  • Simplify the process of moving by having one point of contact

  • Lighten the load for your family and friends

  • Take more time to enjoy your regular activities and hobbies

  • Access trusted and reasonably priced services providers and tradespeople

  • Potentially boost the sales price of your existing home

 The Moving Planners

The Moving Planners was founded by Susie Dash and Merissa Fletcher, dedicated professionals originally from the finance world. They met outside their children's school classroom many years ago and formed a strong and long-lasting friendship. Not only did they have similar working backgrounds, they shared similar values of trust, honesty, empathy and reliability.

They have now channeled their passion for organising, problem solving, making a difference and assisting their community and have established The Moving Planners, a consulting business that provides tailored moving planner services to seniors and others who need extra support and understanding at an often challenging and emotional time.


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'We needed help to declutter and prepare for down-sizing in a difficult situation. The Moving Planners were professional, energetic and resourceful and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They always remained approachable, responsive and empathetic to our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending The Moving Planners to anybody needing to downsize, declutter or relocate–particularly those without sufficient backup from family and/or friends'.